Private exhibition in the chambers of Van den Berg Gallery shows the capabilities of Andrzej Roszczak through different inspirations and strokes of contemporary art. The paintings by Roszczak cover different subjects from new perspectives, as his art work gives full spectrum of various trends in modern art.


Andrzej Roszczak refers to the environment connected with contemporary civilization and world of mass media while his pop-art vision of the world is being continued. The reflection of reality in paintings by Roszczak shows; social, personal and intimate aspects, which are captured by him in the form of a very energetic mysticism 


The uniqueness of paintings by Andrzej Roszczak results in the obvious praise and tribute to the traditional masterpiece of art.


By Artinfo 



The Power / Moc


What do the atomic bomb, a monument of the Paris Grand Palace, the emptiness - the lack of something, modern sunglasses, trendy lipstick color or shade of hair in the pictures of Andrzej Roszczak all have in common? The answer is ... power.


Explosion (After Oak 8 9 Enewetak Atoll 1958)

Power - can determine the work done in a physical system, it can also be defined as the speed of emission. In the electrical equipment shall be expressed by an electrical voltage. Might and power go hand in hand, particularly well can be seen in the explosion of the atomic bomb that Roszczak shows on an enormous canvas. A huge mushroom formed after the explosion of an atomic bomb provokes fear and mesmerizes. It reveals unimaginable destructive power that man has been able to build on its own destruction. The danger that after the Cold War was slowly disappearing from social awareness is currently returning through the real conflict between the United States and North Korea.


Harmony Triumphing over Discord (Quadriga after Georges Recipon, Grand Palais, Paris)

Power can also be found in the image of the quadriga of the Paris Grand Palais. "The triumph of the Harmony above the chaos" - this is a picture of a sculpture of the same name, embodying the force of the power that is manifested here by the triumph of victory. The artist further enhances the transmission of the painting by adding radiation escaping from behind the sculpture.




"Emptiness" is a small, abstract painting, the theme of which is the experience of the absence, the loss of a loved one. In an expressive way Andrzej Roszczak shows the hole, emptiness, lack of "completeness" in its entirety. Loss of a loved one is an inevitable or perhaps already experienced occurrence of each of us. Thus, the author talks about the difficult but strong emotions, which posses a great power.


Red Lipstick (After Vogue Magazine -1984)


The image of a girl in the modern sunglasses "Modern Glasses", is the work of a series which touch the issues related to the interaction of visual and code contained in it. Influence of this is most evident in advertising campaigns. Roszczak shows here a different shade of the main plot of The Power / Moc – which shows that power is also a great strength inherent in the energy associated with fashion (Red Lipstick), which is driving millions of people to change their lifestyle and self-expression. The artist argues that in fashion and fashion items, even photographs the motive of power lies with a driven and energetic force.


Van den Berg Gallery presents a selection of works from the artistic achievements of Andrzej Roszczak that move the Power / Moc.